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Monday Blog – Lots of Pictures!

Hey you guys! It’s Monday! Sorry I didn’t get a blog up on Friday, there wasn’t much to report until Saturday (see picture below)

Much to my mother’s dismay I sort of dominated our living space for the vast majority of the weekend… Notice the baking supplies on the counter in the foreground and the sewing supplies on the table in the back.

Yep, I baked a white-chocolate raspberry cheesecake and sewed (with a tremendous amount of help from my mother) a skirt on Saturday. It was very crazy, but a lot of fun!

The cheesecake turned out really, really well (despite the fact that water leaked through the tinfoil and into the bottom of my spring-form pan during the baking process) and got some good reviews from the family, even though they could have been lying to make me feel better about my baking skills (which has happened before, I’ll have to tell you about the peanut-butter-butter-cream-brownie-sandwich fiasco sometime). I guess the only thing that matters is that I enjoyed it, right? And boy did I. ^.^

And I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but it turned out really pretty, regardless of my taste-bias.

In between checking the oven and melting chocolate and making raspberry reductions, I was pinning fabric and troubleshooting my maiden voyage with my sewing machine (gifted to me by the INCREDIBLE Ms. Paula).

Sewing machines are confusing. really confusing, just in case you weren’t informed. Once I got the hang of it I still didn’t really understand what it was doing, I just knew that it was working because it wasn’t falling apart. Mom was an angel during this project, she showed me how to take in the shirt before I made it into the skirt (because I accidentally got an XXL instead of an L…) and then guided the sewing machine while I held the tension on the elastic when working on the waistband.

I think it turned out pretty well for my first major sewing project, it’s not necessarily the most flattering skirt (for my figure) but it turned out looking nice.

It was way harder than I thought it would be though, elastic is not an easy task for one person, especially if you are sewing the elastic in. So don’t be mistaken if you want to give this a shot and think it’ll be easy, because it isn’t!

This Week:

Now here is where I usually tell you what my projects are for this week, but I don’t think that I’m going to be able to get any projects done this week other than packing and seeing shows (somehow I have accrued tickets to a ton of different local shows this past week, in conjunction to going to New York to see a couple of different Broadway shows this weekend… could it be a sign?).

This week I will be knitting a bunch in the airport and whilst flying across the country, and probably adding some buttons to a scarf of mine before I go, but other than that there won’t be anything major, so I think that instead I am going to do a post before I leave on friday that is more about me to give you an idea of who I am and why I’m writing this blog that you are reading (and so on and so forth, yaddah yaddah).

So check back sometime later this week and hopefully there’ll be a post up ^.^

Thanks for reading!