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A Crazy Monday Update

Hey All!

Sorry I didn’t write last week, I decided that it was better to just wait until today instead of making a random mid-week post telling you that I didn’t have any new challenges!

However I did get some stuff done last week! (aside from going to New York, look at the bottom of the post for some photos!)

Prom is coming up next month, and the theme is Masquerade (great theme, right?) and I am very, very excited! A few months ago I found the PERFECT dress at this vintage shop in LA, but it way out of my price range…. like way out of my price range…. like $475 out of my price range…. so I decided to replicate it on my own! With the help of my mother of course…. So last week I went fabric shopping and also started construction on my mask!

We decided to build off of a pre-existing dress instead of making one from scratch, but the mask will be completely my own, which is fun. The dress is going to be a knee-length, really poofy dress (lots and lots of tulle) with 3 layers of textured, mesh-esque fabrics and a TON of appliques on top.

the fabric

the fabric

We were hoping for something like this in black for the appliques

I was so fortunate to find the right fabrics at S.A.S., they are almost identical to the dress we saw in the vintage shop, and I was so nervous we wouldnt be able to find something close, let alone something similar/better than the original!

The thing that is going to be most challenging is finding appliques, I was looking for a design similar to the design on the right, only in black and silver instead of white…. fat chance, right? Well, if you guys see anything definitely give me a shout out so I know where to look, because so far etsy hasn’t been too helpful…

I also got the base of my mask constructed a few days ago, which meant I got to play with plaster for a few hours, which was… interesting… my eyebrows barely made it out and just for the record, petroleum jelly is a bitch to get out your hair… yeah… how about a photo?

mask: phase one!

Pictured on the left here is the mask in its first phase of completion, it needs to be sanded down and shaped and decorated and whatnot, but its not bad for my first time playing with plaster wrap! Also pictured is my topsy-turvy-tophat, it picked it up in New York to wear to prom, I figured I’m already breaking the rules with a short prom dress, why not make have a little fun, right? Besides, I’m the kind of girl who would wear a mini top-hat in her everyday life, so I think its a purchase well-made!

This week I will be doing more work on the dress and mask, no promises on completion, however I am planning on finishing another scarf this week, a fluorescent orange one no less ^.^

Now for those of you who would like to know what I was up to this last week, I was in New York City with my Musical Theater II class seeing shows and taking in the sights. It was a truly life-changing experience, as corny as that sounds, and I don’t think I could have spent my spring-break any better. I had the privilege of seeing 4 shows, Next to Normal, Hair, God of Carnage, and In the Heights, as well as attending the Stephen Sondheim 80th Birthday Celebration, all of which were amazing, I think God of Carnage was the only one I didn’t cry during, whether out of sheer happiness or heart-wrenching realization that I wasn’t on the stage too. I cannot wait to move there myself, hopefully I’ll be there in the Fall at NYU, but if not then I’ll just have to wait for a bit before I make the big move. I’ll put some pictures of the trip at the bottom!

Thanks all for reading, I’ll post an update later this week if there is anything to report, but if not then I’ll talk you to on monday!


A Surprise, A Thank You, and A Plan

This blog comes to you in Three Parts:
(nerdfighter moment anyone?)
First things first:
So this Monday I challenged myself to make a pair of gloves in two weeks. I finished them yesterday….

I gave myself a little too much time on that project, so good news I will be starting another new project this upcoming week!
Now the only problem is deciding what I want to make, which brings me to:

Part Two!
This last week I’ve talked to a lot of people about this blog that I’ve started and the projects that I’m working on, and most people are really nice and at the very least pretend like they are interested in what I’m talking about. However one woman has gone above and beyond to help me in any way she can to make this blog and all of my projects possible.
Ms. Paula, this is a major thank you for the wonderful Singer Sewing Machine you so kindly gave me, that GORGEOUS bright red Farberware Mixer that you found, and the perfect vintage teacups for my windowsill garden that you bought for me. Your gifts are going to make so many projects possible and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness.

Which brings me to Part Three
Now that I have a mixer and a sewing machine I will be a little more equipped to handle some new projects, but they need to be for beginners, especially with the sewing machine.
I need suggestions for beginners sewing projects, whether it be a clothing mod or an easy pattern, it doesn’t matter, I just want some suggestions!

I can’t wait to get started on next weeks projects! I’ll see you guys on Monday ^.^

Welcome to My World

Okay, lets give this a shot.

My name is Korbe, I am a seventeen year old high school senior who is rather eccentric in personality and incredibly eclectic in passions. I have decided to create this blog to help document this upcoming year, and possibly beyond, depending on how this goes.

In the fall I hope to study musical theater on the east coast, but in the meantime, I am pursuing some of my other interests and passions.

I have decided to learn how to sew and knit before I go to college, so that I can create a wardrobe as equally strange as I am on a budget that is virtually nonexistent. So I have been perusing many a blog and forum looking for beginners projects/clothing mods and have made a bit of a list of things that I’d like to make.

Learning to sew and knit seems like it would make a decent blog, right? Maybe, but this is about my odd assortment of crafts, so here goes number two. I used to work in a bakery, mostly I ran cash register and answered phones, but when I worked there I always had these ideas for really good recipes, however since I didn’t have a degree that said I was a pastry chef, my boss never really wanted to hear about my recipe ideas. It was ¬†understandable, but unfortunate, so I had a list of cool ideas that never really made it anywhere except the snack table at family gatherings. I want to start coming up with new recipes again and find ways to make them in my limited kitchen space.

So here is The Challenge:

Starting on Monday, the 16th of February, I will have two weeks to complete a craft project and a baking project. I’ll have two new projects starting on the 1st of March and so on and so forth. I will also be posting a new blog AT LEAST once per week, if there is anything to report mid-craft, there may be some mid-week blogs, but there will always be a report at some point during the week.

Due to my limited amount of supplies and equipment, the projects are going to start small. I will soon have a sewing machine, but in the meantime most of my projects will have to be no-sew or hand-sewn. Also, I lack a decent mixer in my kitchen, so I may not be able to make everything from scratch and just have to settle with embellishing something pre-existing.

If you have any project ideas or suggestions, leave a comment. I hope you enjoy the ride, I know I will!