End of the week update!

Wow, it’s been a busy week, between tweaking the cinnamon roll sugar cookie recipe, battling with embroidery thread for the pincushion, and well.. the rest of my life, my schedule has been jam-packed!

Sorry I didn’t update on friday like I would have liked to, I didn’t have enough time to breathe, let alone write a decent quality post. But I completed my challenges and that is what really matters!

The Pincushion:

This project was a lot simpler than I originally thought it would be, and it would have been even easier if I’d just spent the money and gotten some cotton stuffing to place inside my pincushion. See, I figured I’d go green and reuse some fabric I had lying around as stuffing. And of course I chose to use an old denim pant-leg from some jeans I’d butchered, which made pushing the needle through the pincushion 15 times a real joy. Thank the good lord for thimbles, thats all that I can say, because I would have been in a lot of trouble if I didn’t have one of those. The density of the denim made the wrapping portion really difficult, but despite the pain in the thumb it was to make, I’m really, really happy with my new pin cushion and suggest that you give this a shot, because it’s quick, easy, and freaking adorable! This little guy isn’t going back into the sewing box, he’s chilling on my computer desk (where I do most of my little projects anyways!)

Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies:

mmmmm.... cookies...

After three batches of these puppies I think that I’ve finally figured out my favorite way to prepare them. I followed the recipe for the sugar cookie dough that Jenny from the Picky Palate suggested, but even though the recipe called for 6 cups of flour, I found that I couldn’t even begin to work with the dough because it was so sticky. So I had to chill the dough for a bit in the mixing bowl before trying to remove it. I then took the dough and separated it into two sections and put it in the freezer for 1-2 hours so it was nice and chilly. Now the recipe says to separate the dough into quite a few small sections and roll it out, giving you small, well-cooked cookies. I however like big doughy cookies, so I took half of the dough and rolled it into a really large oval. Once buttered/brown-sugared/cinnamoned, I rolled the dough into a really thick log and sliced the cookies very thinly before arranging them onto the trays to put into the oven.

Now, as I mentioned before, I like big, doughy cookies, so I have a tendency to modify temperatures/bake-times when baking. I kept the baking temperature, but instead of keeping the cookies in for 9 to 11 minutes, I baked them for 6 to 7 minutes and let them set on the trays for a good 20 minutes before moving them to a cooling rack. They may be a little too soft right after they bake, but after a night in a ziplock baggie, they will have settled into the perfect consistency, as opposed to being warm and gooey when fresh and then hardening into hockey pucks overnight (which is definitely my experience with most recipes).

Take a look at my previous post for the links to the tutorials mentioned today.

Check back tomorrow to find the next batch of challenges!


2 responses to “End of the week update!

  1. Korbe you are a BAMF.

    I also keep checking this link every week, if not more. I just like the way that you type away about stuff. It’s so inviting.

    You are definitely my soulmate.
    I wanna know what you’re going to do next!!!!

  2. The pin cushion is wonderful! I am drooling over those cookies!

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