A Surprise, A Thank You, and A Plan

This blog comes to you in Three Parts:
(nerdfighter moment anyone?)
First things first:
So this Monday I challenged myself to make a pair of gloves in two weeks. I finished them yesterday….

I gave myself a little too much time on that project, so good news I will be starting another new project this upcoming week!
Now the only problem is deciding what I want to make, which brings me to:

Part Two!
This last week I’ve talked to a lot of people about this blog that I’ve started and the projects that I’m working on, and most people are really nice and at the very least pretend like they are interested in what I’m talking about. However one woman has gone above and beyond to help me in any way she can to make this blog and all of my projects possible.
Ms. Paula, this is a major thank you for the wonderful Singer Sewing Machine you so kindly gave me, that GORGEOUS bright red Farberware Mixer that you found, and the perfect vintage teacups for my windowsill garden that you bought for me. Your gifts are going to make so many projects possible and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness.

Which brings me to Part Three
Now that I have a mixer and a sewing machine I will be a little more equipped to handle some new projects, but they need to be for beginners, especially with the sewing machine.
I need suggestions for beginners sewing projects, whether it be a clothing mod or an easy pattern, it doesn’t matter, I just want some suggestions!

I can’t wait to get started on next weeks projects! I’ll see you guys on Monday ^.^


3 responses to “A Surprise, A Thank You, and A Plan

  1. Wow! They look great, Korbe! It is always such a feeling of satisfaction to try something new and to have them turn out so nicely! Can’t wait to hear about your next project. Paz.

  2. …I rather want those gloves. They’re lovely. =) As far as baking projects go, I can come up with approx. 1 million suggestions, if you want them. Meringues might be a good first recipe — they’re very simple and they’ll prove to you how amazing electric mixers are. Good luck on this quest of yours, m’lady.

    • oooo, meringues are fun, I made nerdy Mario Marshmellow Mushroom Meringues once, they were awesome ^.^
      I think that I will have to find some fun meringue cookie recipes…

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