Welcome to My World

Okay, lets give this a shot.

My name is Korbe, I am a seventeen year old high school senior who is rather eccentric in personality and incredibly eclectic in passions. I have decided to create this blog to help document this upcoming year, and possibly beyond, depending on how this goes.

In the fall I hope to study musical theater on the east coast, but in the meantime, I am pursuing some of my other interests and passions.

I have decided to learn how to sew and knit before I go to college, so that I can create a wardrobe as equally strange as I am on a budget that is virtually nonexistent. So I have been perusing many a blog and forum looking for beginners projects/clothing mods and have made a bit of a list of things that I’d like to make.

Learning to sew and knit seems like it would make a decent blog, right? Maybe, but this is about my odd assortment of crafts, so here goes number two. I used to work in a bakery, mostly I ran cash register and answered phones, but when I worked there I always had these ideas for really good recipes, however since I didn’t have a degree that said I was a pastry chef, my boss never really wanted to hear about my recipe ideas. It was  understandable, but unfortunate, so I had a list of cool ideas that never really made it anywhere except the snack table at family gatherings. I want to start coming up with new recipes again and find ways to make them in my limited kitchen space.

So here is The Challenge:

Starting on Monday, the 16th of February, I will have two weeks to complete a craft project and a baking project. I’ll have two new projects starting on the 1st of March and so on and so forth. I will also be posting a new blog AT LEAST once per week, if there is anything to report mid-craft, there may be some mid-week blogs, but there will always be a report at some point during the week.

Due to my limited amount of supplies and equipment, the projects are going to start small. I will soon have a sewing machine, but in the meantime most of my projects will have to be no-sew or hand-sewn. Also, I lack a decent mixer in my kitchen, so I may not be able to make everything from scratch and just have to settle with embellishing something pre-existing.

If you have any project ideas or suggestions, leave a comment. I hope you enjoy the ride, I know I will!



5 responses to “Welcome to My World

  1. Oh Korbe! We are kindred spirits indeed! I love to try new things and am constantly researching and experimenting with many mediums. I have a list of books which I will send to you!!
    I think it is great you are journaling in this way. It will be great to watch your exciting journey in the coming year and beyond!!
    Have a happy peace-filled day!

  2. I am so looking forward to be part of these exciting projects! What a grea idea:)

  3. Korbe,

    this is a neat idea. I’m excited to see your next project completed. Let me know how the sewing machine works for you. Love ya

  4. You are so very welcome. It’s nice to be able to give my extra appliances to someone who I know will put them to good use and have fun at the same time. You and Taylor are off to a great start. those cookies were to die for. I could have eaten the whole bag! Thanks for thinking of me.

  5. Korbe,
    Everything looks so great!!! Your cheesecake looked yummy. If you had called me to ask me about the springform pan, I would have let you borrow mine. LOL I found that it doesn’t matter what you bake, someone will eat it no matter how it looks or tastes. LOL I hope to see you for a few minutes before you leave for NY. You are amazing. Keep on crafin.

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